Why is social media bad for kids

Social media is an important medium for getting to each other’s thoughts. Everyone from a kid to an old person can have free access to social media. Social media has positive and negative aspects but we can often see instances of negative impact on the user.  It is often seen that kids are more susceptible to negative influences through social media. Because a child can’t check what is good or bad for him. As a result, it can be seen that the negative impact of social media on kids is more. Social media has a lot of bad sides as well as good sides. If anyone of any age wants to improve their video ranking and grow their channel then YoutubeStorm is a reliable platform for buying premium youTube views, subscribers, and much more.

If you want to know why social media is bad for kids then continue to read this entire article.

Why is social media bad for kids?

There are many different reasons why social media is bad for kids. Some important reasons are highlighted

1.Impairment in kid’s mental development

It is a natural rule that a child will develop his mind by playing in the open field with his friends. But when a child spends more time on social media than playing sports in the field, then the child’s mental development does not become proper. If the mental development is not proper, the child may gradually become mentally disturbed. 

2. Curiosity about nudity and sex

Kids can roam freely on the internet, which allows them to hide from prying eyes and view objectionable material such as blue films and nudity. These activities of children prove their lack of family moral education.

3. Getting physically sick

Children spending too much time on social media can lead to various physical problems. Staring at the device for too long can reduce the optical power of their eyes and also due to excessive use of social media, the brain can also interfere with its proper functioning. Athough people use social media to know informative news. Like bikers can buy different BMX bike parts at affordable price. 

4. Isolation from society and family

Children should spend most time with family but nowadays children spend more time on social media. Due to which a cold distance is created between the children and the family. Also, the children are separated from their relatives and society in real life due to being on social media all day long. This has become a cause of concern.

5. Increase in crime proneness

Now through the internet, various movies or series are seen where how to hide oneself after committing a crime. These things are shown, seeing that the children themselves do not get the strategy of committing crimes. Also, they get involved in various cybercrimes, hacking etc.

6. Irregularities in daily life

It is necessary to follow the right to lead a healthy life. But when a kid becomes addicted to social media so much that he deviates from his normal life, it is called negative use of social media. Social media should be used in such a way that it does not create any kind of irregularity in our normal life.

Final words

Children will benefit only if they can use the positive aspects of social media rather than the negative aspects. Everyone in the family should give proper importance to the kids, keep an eye on all his activities through social media. The utmost importance should be given in providing moral education. Kids should improve their real life and society with the help of social media. It should be our responsibility to change the idea that social media is bad for kids to the idea that social media is a boon for us all.

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