5 Killer Quora Answers on what’s a lepo

A lepo is a type of a traditional Brazilian dish for people in the south of Brazil, where they traditionally eat a stew of meat, vegetables, and rice. Basically they boil everything and they eat it with rice. It is thought that the name was inspired by the dish.

The other popular dish on the same theme is called “bacalhau.” It’s a similar method of cooking, but with a much more liberal approach to meat. The word bacalhau is actually derived from the word “bacalhau” which means ‘little meatball’ in Portuguese.

Lepo is a dish that’s popular in the south of Brazil because it’s a very easy dish to make and people usually have a great time eating it. In fact, many people consider lepo to be a national dish, so it’s no surprise that it’s also common in Brazil.

The reason we have to think about lepo is because it’s the main ingredient in many products and services and is often used by a lot of people as well. And, because it’s so easy to make, its also a very important part to us.

The answer is that it’s not a dish that we can’t get into. You can get in one of two ways: Use a dish that can be made into a lepo and you’ll get a good deal of flavor, but if you’re using it as a main ingredient you’ll need to make it into a lepo. The main ingredient in both is chicken. The other way around is to mix the ingredients together. The main ingredient is chicken.

You can also mix ingredients together and it will be more like a lepo. Mixing ingredients together makes it more like a lepo.

The main thing that really gets me is that the chicken is a pretty good ingredient. The most important thing to do when mixing ingredients together is to be able to pick them apart and sort them out. Because when you mix ingredients together, it will be almost impossible to get as many ingredients as possible apart from the chicken. There are several types of chicken that are used in the game, but I think it’s best to try that out.

The reason why the chicken is a pretty good ingredient is because the chicken has a lot of different qualities and colors that are important to the recipe in the recipe. It has so much flavor that it can be tough to tell what each of them are really from scratch. My biggest tip for mixing ingredients together is to make sure that you use 3 ingredients that are similar in flavor to one another so they are not too overpowering.

The best lepo to use in your cooking is a chicken, but also a pig or a goat or even a guinea pig. These are all animals that can be bought as pets and are not too expensive.

Also like most recipes, you’ll want to make sure that all of your seasonings are cooked together. When using a recipe, you can’t just taste everything, you must use the time to boil everything and then add to the pot after.

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