How to Explain certificated shares to Your Boss

The number of times I am asked to share information with others; the fact that I am certificated to do so for each of my shares. I find it quite interesting that those shares are not offered for free, but rather for a fee to be paid out in a manner that allows me to retain full control over what I am sharing with other people.

The thing I am most curious about is why this is necessary. As I understand it, if a person is certified to do something, they are legally able to do it without having to pay for it. This would seem to be a very smart move. You can earn certificate shares just like you can earn any other type of income. It’s just that you can only share those certificates for a small fee.

This is a good idea. There are lots of people who need certificates to be able to earn income outside of work and the certificate shares can be a way to get those people into the system without having to pay.

The idea of certificate shares is that you can earn from owning shares of common stocks and shares of stock that are in the company of the owners. These shares can be sold off at a profit to people who can then use the certificates to earn money. In the early days, people would share certificates with friends and family to make them feel like they were helping out. Today even people who don’t have much money are able to get shares at a profit and use them to make money in some capacity.

As an example of certificates being used to make money, think of the certificate that you can use to become a member of the Church of Scientology. Today you can buy a certificate for $100 and become a member, by agreeing to agree to tell everyone your real name. After a few years you can purchase a certificate for $300 and become a member, by agreeing to agree to tell everyone your true name.

Not only is a certificate an asset to the Church of Scientology, it also contains an ability to sell certificates to a financial institution (e.g., a savings bank) so that it can use them to buy stocks. But I like the idea of using certificates as a way to make money at a profit, and this is how you can make money by buying certificates.

The reason we need certificates is that we need to protect people from potential fraud. If you’re a member of the Church of Scientology, you can trust that the certificate will convince most people that you’re a member. But even if the certificate isn’t a security guarantee you’re likely to get caught.

Certificates are a way for people to make money by buying other people’s certificates. That’s how insurance companies make money. The trouble is that if you have a certificate that you buy, you have to deal with the fact that you might not have a certificate if you lose it. And if you dont have a certificate, then you dont have a certificate in the first place, so the whole thing is a waste of money.

Certificates are, and always have been, worthless. Not in the sense that someone can sign a contract and get a certificate that says theyve bought something, but in the sense that the whole thing is a waste of time and money. And if youre not spending that time and money, then youre not making anything.

I agree that a certificate is probably not worth having, but as long as it is worth having, its not a waste of money. And if you dont have a certificate, then that means you will never have one.

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